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Winter 1999, 2000

Top Ten of 1999 As this year draws to a close, it's time for the first annual DANGEROUS UNIVERSE top ten list of the years best movies.

More Top Ten Another top ten movie list from a DU reader.

Fall 1999

The Bermuda Depths We stared at each other in wonder and relief, like the characters in CLOSE ENCOUNTERS who discover that someone else shares this obsessive dream about Devil's Tower in Wyoming. Unfortunately, this revelation didn't fill in any blanks. No title. No plot details. Just a name. Jenny. Who Jenny was and whether or not her eyes glowed was still a mystery.

ER But then the 5th season premier comes along and it's just. . . blah. The characters have nothing to offer, you can't buy the conflicts and, worse yet, can't seem to bring yourself to care.

Summer 1999

Hollow Man Although the premise of this movie sounds interesting enough, the story simply borrows elements from other stories to infuse their story with something that's "scary".

Starship Troopers View QuickTime movies made of the hit animated series ROUGHNECKS, THE STARSHIP TROOPERS CHRONICLES.

Sleepy Hollow  Weird, Obscure, Odd, and Dark...And that's just Tim Burton's wardrobe! Find out more about the upcoming movie due in theaters this November.

Blair Witch  Who's scared of one lone witch when the media hype surrounding the movie is MUCH more dangerous.

Deep Blue Sea  So, was the movie which the trailer came out SEVEN months before the movie worth the wait? Find out.

Loch Placid? We've once again been "blessed", as it were, by one of Michael Summers most interesting reviews. This time it's about the movie Lake Placid.

The Green Mile Read my review of the script for this upcoming movie.

Mission to Mars Read my review of the script for this upcoming movie.

They're Back!!! The animated gifs that everyone's been talking about ARE BACK! This time, the features include more AUSTIN POWERS, LAKE PLACID and more.

Party of EVIL?! All right, it's not about Dr. Evil, but it's a good read none the less. It's about the EVIL aspects of one certain television show on FOX

Scripts Read details behind three unproduced, and yet surprisingly extremely creative, scripts that exists in the bowls of Hollywood.

The Mummy This Summer movie season starts with this movie described as a cross between INDIANA JONES and the NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

The Phantom Photos Images and musings from the upcoming blockbuster for 1999 and the century. Even more than before!

The Phantom Photos 1 Images and musings from the upcoming blockbuster for 1999 and the century. Part one of many.

Animated Gifs Check out the animated gifs made via MOVIE TRAILERS and IMAGEREADY®.

Mid 1999

Space: Above and Beyond How in the world could an awesome series like Space, Above and Beyond get canceled?

Trailers Measure up to the hype!

Early 1999

2-8 Monster Zero Attacks Tokyo. Can Gojira stop him?

2-1 Why in the world is Voyager still not all that good?

12-7-98 Can America stand another remake, this time SHOT FOR SHOT?

Even older (these open in a new window)

Battletech: In the year 3058, mankind fights its interstellar battles from the cockpits of huge, humanoid war machines called BattleMechs.

DS9: Based in the farthest reaches of the Federation lies Deep Space Nine. Orbiting the planet Bajor, the Cardassian-built station is used for avariety of things.

Ronin: The Cold War has ended, and six mercenaries are glad to find themselves employed once again. Hired by a mysterious woman, the mercenaries are assembled together in France to steal a briefcase.

Star Trek Insurrection: The new movie, entitled "Star Trek : Insurrection", finds Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise facing a foe even more dubious than the Romulans: a Star Fleet Admiral who turns his back on the Federation and decides to forcefully seize a planet with rejuvenating powers.

Starship Troopers: On November 7th, The movie "Starship Troopers" celebrates its first "release" birthday.

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