Below are several aniamted gifs that I've created from movie trailers that I've been collecting since last year. They're easy enough to make, and cool to boot. For instructions on creating them, eMail Bert ([email protected]).  
A) (B
C) (D
E) (F
G) (H
I) (J
K) (L
M) (N
O) (P
Q) (R

click on the imags to the right to view them larger and animated

A) ARMAGEDDON: A piece of the Asteroid cuts the Chrysler Building in half. (200 k)

B) ARMAGEDDON: The logo. (129 k)

C) ARMAGEDDON: One of the Shuttles takes off and then both of the shuttles roars past the camera. (129 k)

D) ARMAGEDDON: Pieces of the Asteroid streaks over the New York skyline. (45k)

E) AUSTIN POWERS: Austin scratches like a cat towards the camera. (36k)

F) AUSTIN POWERS: Austin dances. (129k)

G) AUSTIN POWERS: Dr. Evil pets his cat. (50k)

H) AUSTIN POWERS: Dr. Evil tells you to "shhhhh." (36k)

I) AUSTIN POWERS: Austin in front of a psychedelic spinner. (38k)

J) DEEP IMPACT: An astronaut is blown off of the surface of the comet. (194k)

K) DEEP IMPACT: The lander is struck by a piece of the comet. (194k)

L) DEEP IMPACT: The "Messiah" is released from dock. (452k)

M) DEEP IMPACT: The comet strikes and it's wave engulfs New York. (839k)

N) THE MATRIX: Fist vs. wall. (194k)

O) THE MATRIX: A spider like machine. (258k)

P) SAVING PRIVATE RYAN: The logo. (710k)

Q) STAR WARS: Darth Maul. (452k)

R) THE WILD, WILD WEST: Wil Smith (129k)


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