Resin Heroes Now it can be told — DU answers your fan mail

I’ve been inundated by the amount of feedback I’ve received from readers of Dangerous Universe. I’d like to thank all of you who’ve taken time to write Dangerous Universe care of The Fort Wayne Reader and to publicly answer some of the most common questions I’ve gotten so far. And to the untold masses that haven’t yet written, what’s holding you up? Are your fingers broken? Is your pen out of ink? (Sorry to all of you out there who really do have broken fingers and the owners of inkless pens.) To all others, get writing!

Most Common Question 1:
From Gwen Stacie, Fort Wayne

Like, ur stories r the best!!! :) I really like to watch movies from the 1980’s. What r ur favorite movies?!?!?!

First off, lay off abusing the Nyquil. Since I used to work on the streets helping teens break “the sleep addiction,” I can see the signs of a Nyquil abuser.

Second, there were very few great movies to come out in the 1980’s. I see the true great movies of the 1980’s to be, in no particular order; Megaforce, Red Dawn, and Real Genius. If you’ve never seen Megaforce you really must. It’s got Barry Bostwck (the mayor from TV’s Spin City) in the role of a lifetime as Ace Hunter, leader of Megaforce - a sort of internationalized police team out to fight evildoers wherever they may drive their tanks.

But as for my favorite movies of all time, I’d have to say that Memento, The Way of the Gun, Fight Club, The Wild Bunch, and L.A. Confidential are pretty good.

Most Common Question 2:
From Pvt. Scott Somers, Decatur, IN

I am stationed in Seoul, South Korea. I get my copy of The Reader in the mail from my mom living in Decatur. I used to watch a lot of TV before I joined the Army but don’t get to see much American TV over here. What are your favorite shows?”

Since I used to live in Decatur too, I can emphasize with your TV habits. For me, it was either an evening spent watching the boob tube, dating, or watching wrestling at Bellmont High School. I know, a no brainer. From the age of fourteen I’d estimate that I’ve watched over 6,000 hours of television not including commercials.

My favorite television shows of late are; The Wire, The Sopranos, Arrested Development, and The Office. If you would have asked me this question a decade ago the answer would have included such shows as Space Rangers and Space: Above and Beyond. I have a thing for shows with the word “space” in the title. If there ever were a show called Space Brothel I’d be in heaven.

Most Common Question 3:
From Mary Lee, Fort Wayne

Do you like the television show Friends? Who is your favorite “friend?”

I’m sorry, I am unfamiliar with this show. Is it on BET?

Most Common Question 4:
From Max Castor, Warsaw, IN - “I am really into the 1980’s. The toys and movies from this era are THE BEST! I’ve heard that you grew up in the 1980’s and am interested in your thoughts on the decade. What was it like? Was it as good as everyone tells me?

What’s the deal with everyone loving the 80s?

The 1980’s were a decade marked by the sheer terror of nuclear weapons mixed with the horror of Madonna as a pop-idol. (You know how annoying Britney Spears is now? Multiply that by a billion and you have what Madonna was.) I remember the 1980’s as being divided between watching cheesy movies about World War Three and suffering through the early days of MTV via my high school aged babysitter. (I also took time out of my busy schedule to stock up on my collection of GI-Joes and Transformers, all left behind when we moved from Fort Wayne to Decatur.) It took many years of therapy to get over Madonna’s “Borderline” video and my gender difficulties with Duran Duran.