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Forever War Concept Art

I stumbled upon this really nice looking concept art for the adaptation of the book "The Forever War" while surfing one of the Neal Adam's web sites. Although there is mini-series in the works for the Sci Fi Channel, according to the book's author Joe Haldeman in an e-mail conversation, "Those concept pictures go back to the early eighties. I'd optioned the movie rights to THE FOREVER WAR to the Chicago public TV station; they were setting it up as a four-part miniseries. It was their biggest-budget item. Then Reagan got re-elected and slashed public TV budgets 50% across the board. I got the axe."

I asked Joe about if he had any input in the series. He said, "I had a lot of input on that one; wrote the play. No input at all on the current miniseries; I've never even been notified of its existence. (I only found out because a fan read about it on the Sci Fi channel's website.) I hasten to add that they aren't obligated to tell me anything; David Edlund, the producer, bought it for a large sum seven or eight years ago. The only thing wrong with it is that I've already spent the money. Why won't he buy another book?" 08/21/03


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