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When I saw the new poster for the upcoming movie "Underworld," below, I was sure that I had seen it before. After a bit of digging I realized that I nearly had. I present to you the "Birds of Prey" poster for the television series, released late 2002, which looks nearly identical to the Underworld poster, released mid 2003.

The design of these two posters are almost IDENTICAL. Both of the characters are standing on an outcropping of a building overlooking a cityscape bathed in moonlight. Heck, the costumes of the characters are also similar, though I admit that both their costumes owe their origins more to The Matrix rather than each other!

Perhaps the designers of the "Underworld" poster are living off the axiom "good artists copy, great artists steal." :-)

See the another poster lift from the movie "The Knockaround Guys."


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