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Black Hawk Down Movie Poster

A few months ago I took it upon myself to whip up my own version of a BLACK HAWK DOWN movie poster. I suppose I partially wanted the challenge of creating a poster for myself, before the official poster had been released, and I also wanted to see just how my poster would stack up against the "real thing".


The official poster
The poster I created

The official poster:
I think that the official poster really conveys a sense of kinetic movement, with the two figures in the foreground rushing through the poster and the helicopters in the background doing the same. It looks like a photographer has snapped a picture of the Army Rangers running into action, not like the usual movie poster. I also like the contrast between the warm colors and the cool blue hues of the sky in the background. Warm and cool!

The poster I created:
In my poster, I tried to focus on the title of the movie, BLACK HAWK DOWN, by featuring a large Blackhawk helicopter in the foreground silhouetted in the early morning sky. I chose this time of day since the Army Rangers made their raid at that time of day. If I had it to do all over again, and remember that I created this poster for fun, I think I would have made my sky look more like the sky in the background of the official poster. Also, for some reason, everytime I see my poster, I think it looks more like the image you'd see on a book cover, unlike a movie poster. I'm not quite sure why.

Still, I like the way my poster turned out. 10/15/01


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